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Genetic Algorithms

14 November 2018

Recently I learned a lot about genetic algorithms and how these algorithms could be used to solve specific problems. This post will explain the concepts of a genetic algorithm and how every step of the genetic algorithm works.

A genetic algorithm is an evolutionary strategy to find the optimal solution of a certain problem. This algorithm can be compared to the way species evolve. If you have a population, after several years the weakest individuals will...

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Summer Xamarin Forms

16 September 2018

This summer I decided to start writing apps using Xamarin Forms after writing all my apps in Xcode. Xamarin is a framework where you can build apps across platforms without rewriting a lot of the code.

I learned Xamarin pretty quickly. In 1 hour I already learned the basics of Xamarin. So I decided to create an app containing several utilities for mathematics and chemistry.

Programming such an app wasn't a big challenge, so I also decided...

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Crash Course Java

26 September 2018

In this blog post I’m not really going to talk about a certain topic, but I’m going to give a crash course about the programming language Java. As you know I’m a computer science student and I noticed that students without any programming experience are struggling for days with simple Java exercises they get in the first weeks of college. To help those students I’m going give a crash course in Java so new computer...

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